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Petra Raßmann
Department 1200 Business

Tel. +49 (0)365/838 1210
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Europe Service

Companies that intend to participate in European projects as a partner, or in tendering procedures receive extensive information on the projects from the Department of Economic Promotion/Urban Development. It customises EU information for each company and provides contact details about vacancies in the EU.
The city of Gera keeps close partnership with 11 European cities as its twin towns. Companies are welcome to establish contact with those cities with the support of Gera’s economic promotion.

EU – General Information

Europe relies on political transparency and the European Commission websites offer a range of important information for companies. Thüringen’s three Members of the European Parliament are always interested in direct contact with companies from Thüringen so they can make use of any gathered experience on common company problems in the European Union’s decision processes.

Information on EU Funding

Keeping their main focus on EU research support and network projects, the European Commission provides plenty of funding opportunities available for companies as well. In order to receive funding, companies may require to work together in joint projects all across Europe.

Fundings available for companies in Thüringen are allocated by state programmes in accordance with the Funding Handbook for Thüringen.

EU Information for Companies

Nearly 80 percent of German legislation have been altered by the EU regulatory framework. Companies are primarily affected in regards to European regulations on the official tendering law and EU product standards. This has been expanding as European trade and company co-operation all across Europe have been increasing.

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