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Theatre & Concert Hall Thüringen

Performance stages in the city of Gera

Theatre Gera (Frank Schenke) The Theater & Philharmonie Thüringen (Theatre & Concert Hall) is the state’s last art-performing centre showing all five forms of theatre, and with great success it does so frequently: opera, plays, musicals, operettas, puppet theatre for the young and old, sophisticated dance productions by Thüringen's biggest ballet ensemble, and experimental productions on the just recently opened stage in the park or in Altenburger Heizhaus.
Concert Hall (Frank Schenke) Similarly popular are the nationally respected youth works of the TheaterFABRIK, the renowned Geraer Ballett-Tage (a ballet event in Gera) and the Prinzenraubfestspiele where a historical event of kidnapping two princes is shown in a play. In 1995, the majestic regional theatre in Altenburg, also called "Little Semper Opera", was restored and since April 2007, Gera's beautiful theatre in Art-Nouveau design has been shiny and new.
Bühne am Park Bühne am Park (Frank Schenke)

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