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The city of Gera has a rich cultural scene with a diversified variety of activities. Part of it are the city’s museums with its permanent exhibitions and its constantly changing special exhibitions. Gera’s museums had their 125th anniversary in the year 2003.

View over the art gallery Kunstsammlung/Orangerie (Frank Schenke) From Sachsen at the sea to figurative painting from the Netherlands;
Gera’s museums offer you a bountiful array of exhibitions

In 2010, Gera’s museums are surprising with altogether 25 special exhibitions. The spectrum ranges from a presentation of new acquisitions for the art gallery, exhibited paintings, graphic works, and sculptures, and photographs to expositions of very young art and environment issues. A major part is Thüringen’s "Year of Porcelain in 2010" to mark the 250th anniversary of the discovery of porcelain in Thüringen. On this occasion, the Museum of Applied Arts presents the show "Jutta Albert – Porcelain: from jars to sculptures" since the end of June and, at the same time, the exhibition “Porcelain in Thüringen”. These and many other events pay tribute to the tradition of porcelain in Gera that has been very important from its beginning to 1991.

Of course, contemporary art has its place in the calendar of events as well. Since the beginning of March, the awarded works of the “9th Aenne-Biermann-Prize” in Gera for contemporary photography have been shown in the Museum of Applied Arts. The “Otto-Dix-Prize 2010” for young German contemporary art will be awarded in October. The art works of the prize winners will then be shown in the art gallery Orangerie. The Museum of Natural History has been exhibiting the works of photographer Aenne Biermann (1898-1933), who had lived in Gera since 1920 and who was one of the most important New Objectivity artists, since the beginning of July. The exhibition connects Biermann’s photographs of graptolites from the collection of Gera’s late teacher and local historian, Rudolf Hundt, with his findings.

Sachsen at the sea is an exhibition in the gallery Kunstsammlung that started in June. Involved are “East German beach scenes and images of society” of Leipziger Schule in the form of paintings and works on paper. Since March, the museum has been presenting sculpture works and drawings by Emil Cimiotti, one of Germany’s most important representatives of Informal Art. At the same time, the museum shows paintings, watercolour paintings, collages and drawings from the collection Inner gardens by the artist Barbara Toch from Gera to honour her 60th birthday. A partner project with the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Gera’s twin town Arnhem completes the art collection and presents 20th century figurative painting from the Netherlands.

Photography will be strongly emphasised in this year’s work of the City Museum. The collection On the way through Gera and the region combines historic landscape-paintings by Helmut Janka with contemporary landscape-photography by Dr. Holger Christel. Frank Schenke keeps photographic record of how the Otto-Dix City Gera celebrates its festivals and events. Furthermore, there are photographic works of Gera’s twin towns Arnhem (the Netherlands) and Pskov (Russia) from the year 1945. 75 years of German television are documented in an exhibition starting in September; and from November, pictures of family Fischer, a family of painters, will be in the centre of an exposition.

The Museum of Natural History displays known and new balcony plants and works with shows for 2010 as the year of Bio-diversity. Just like every year, there will also be traditional events such as the Easter-egg Market, the succulent-plant exhibition, activities in the representative waterworks in the botanical garden and an open-garden day.

Just like every year, very young art has its place in the Museum of Applied Arts again. An art collection named EigenARTig shows the works of the 9th competition for children’s and youth’s art sponsored by the bank Sparkasse Gera-Greiz. Kunstachse is an exhibition starting in October that regards itself as a playground for adults, young people and children. The crowning event for all the exhibition venues will be the museum night 12. Geraer Museumsnacht on 4th September.

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